Above is an example of a commissioned painting for a bar area.  The owner then mounted a beer tap to the bottom of the painting.  Beer is brought up by a pipe from the wine cellar below.  A really fun idea!
Below is a 24 x 36 painting on canvas, that was just finished.

Original Monkey Paintings may be commissioned easily.
   Pet photographs can be sent to me, and I will incorporate your dog or cat or other pet with your monkey.   A wrap around canvas original acrylic and oil painting can be ordered in any size....the following sizes being the most popular....18x24 , 24 x 30, or 24 x 36. The wrap around canvas is the newest way to have a painting done.  The canvas can be framed or left as it is and hung on the wall without a frame...The sides of the canvas are painted so it can be seen as finished from any side...

To order a monkey painting, contact me by email and we can discuss your  original monkey painting that may include your dog or cat or  other pet, a sport, be it golf, swimming, boating, skiing, tennis, fishing, bowling,   race car driving, basketball, football, or even cooking or painting , or flower arranging! ....Your painting can be anything you want it to be! You could even  have your house or the Eiffel Tower in the painting.
 Here is a slide show of some of the  monkeys that I have painted. These are all sold, and are here for you to have an idea of the range of activities the monkeys can take part in.. These are just ideas for your own painting.  Your painting will be completely original.   You can add your dog, your cat, any idea for a painting and any sport that you may think of.
Prices range according to size and subject.

24 x 36
24 x 30
18 x 24
Call me at 203-733-2034 or email me for information or to find out if a  print that you like is available.